Gloria VanderBilt No.1 Set de Fragancias para Mujeres, Perfume 100ml + Spray corporal 150ml

Gloria Vanderbilt perfume is a timeless fragrance that exudes elegance and delicacy. It captures the essence of independent and accomplished women with its radiant femininity. This fragrance is classic and distinguished, making it the signature scent of Gloria Vanderbilt. Its fresh floral notes transmit an evident charm with a memorable and long-lasting trail.

One of the highlights of Gloria Vanderbilt perfume is the natural femininity of the velvety rosebud enhanced by the hypnotic jasmine. These floral notes create a harmonious and captivating aroma that is sure to turn heads wherever you go. The light and fresh bergamot also make its presence felt from the first spray, adding a touch of freshness to the fragrance.

This perfume perfectly embodies the optimal balance between strength and tenderness, just like the woman who chooses it. It reflects her multifaceted nature and her ability to conquer the world while embracing her femininity.

Apart from the enchanting scent, Gloria Vanderbilt perfume also offers some impressive technical details. The package dimensions are 25.9 x 20.9 x 6.5 cm, making it a conveniently sized perfume that can easily fit in your bag or on your vanity. It weighs 336 grams, ensuring that it is neither too heavy nor too light.

The 100-milliliter liquid perfume is manufactured by SA DESIGNER PARFUMS in Spain, guaranteeing high-quality standards. The product’s ASIN is B0B1M9K38G, and the model number is SET07484. These details ensure that you are purchasing a genuine Gloria Vanderbilt perfume.

The additional information provided about the perfume includes its classification among Amazon’s bestsellers. Currently, it ranks at number 604 in Beauty and number 5 in women’s Eau de Toilette. These rankings speak volumes about the popularity and demand for Gloria Vanderbilt perfume among consumers.

When it comes to target audience, this fragrance is specifically designed for women. Its allure and charm make it a perfect choice for any woman who wants to embrace her femininity and leave a lasting impression.

The fragrance is also categorized as aromatic, which means it offers a delightful and captivating scent that is sure to uplift your spirits and boost your confidence. This perfume is a true reflection of luxury and sophistication.

In conclusion, Gloria Vanderbilt perfume is a must-have for any woman who wants to exude elegance and radiate femininity. Its timeless scent and high-quality manufacturing make it a top choice among consumers. Its fresh floral notes enthrall the senses, and its durable and memorable trail leaves a lasting impression. With Gloria Vanderbilt perfume, you can embrace your independence and accomplishment while embracing your innate femininity.

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Gloria VanderBilt No.1 Set de Fragancias para Mujeres, Perfume 100ml + Spray corporal 150ml
  • Gloria Vanderbilt es una fragancia floral atemporal que combina hábilmente notas de salida cítricas de mandarina y cilantro picante
  • La feminidad natural del capullo de rosa aterciopelado, realzada por el hipnótico jazmín
  • La ligera y fresca bergamota despliega su efecto desde la primera pulverización
  • La unión óptima entre fuerza y ternura, como la mujer que elige esta fragancia

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